Hindu Heritage Month

Hindu Organizations across US announced October as Hindu Heritage Month, to promote Hindu Heritage and to recognize the contributions made by Hindu Community to US. The state governments have proclaimed the same, so far Texas, Georgia, New Jersey, Ohio, and Florida states have announced it officially.

This is a great way to encourage other cultures and recognize their contributions to the society. It shows that everyone are recognized and are allowed to thrive in this so called free country, US. All Hindus who migrated here and have been away from home can recall their culture, customs and celebrate as they do back in home. Navratri, also known as Dussehra is celebrated in this month, which is a festival to celebrate the victory of good over evil.

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It is an encouraging step to promote cross culture among children and young adults. Immigrants from India have been here in US from long time and have contributed in many fields and industries at different levels. This heritage month is a way to remember and recognize our contributions, also showcase our rich heritage to all in US.

Indian food has become a common cuisine and most fond food in most part of US. Yoga has become as common as any workout, and it is most popular than any other fitness activities practiced in US. Festivals like Holi and Diwali are well known festivals all over and are celebrated in all communities, even in most of the workplaces as an event. Similarly, Indian community celebrate Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween. Actively participate and follow all the holidays in US.

This recognition is a great message to younger generation, which shows that we all are one, we can adapt and thrive equally in all the fields and help for the betterment of the society and country.

Please visit to get more details, contribute and follow all the events that is going to take place whole of this month.

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