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Being an introvert.

Being an introvert is both a blessing and challenging. I have struggled and also enjoyed being an introvert. By definition, introverts are people who tend to be focused more on internal thoughts and feelings, keep things to themselves. You can read more about Introvert on VeryWellMind.

I was a very shy guy growing up. Shyness also fueled an inferiority complex within me, giving an impression that I am not good enough to do certain things. And that held back doing certain activities or showing interest in some things. Mentally it convinced me that I cannot do it. But I was comfortable with the people I know and could express anything with those limited people.

I have a high pitch voice which sounds feminine, and have been teased frequently for that. Both my shyness and voice held me back to express myself in a social group or any public speaking.

Accepting my weakness my shyness and my voice was the first step. I couldn’t do much about my voice and accepted the way it sounds [Read my post Voice, How do I sound? ]. Overcoming shyness was in phases, different stages of my life. During my studies, when I was searching for a job and after I started working. Practicing to speak, body language in front of a mirror, memorized my talking points so I can overcome my shyness or inferiority complex.

I like to spend alone time or just to be at home with family. Reading books, spend time writing my thoughts and scribbling ideas are other things I like to do in . Even today I like to scribble everything that comes to my mind, it is like my best stress reliever.

Social gatherings are still not a place for me to be unless it is with people I am comfortable with. I still feel social anxiety, not good at talking to someone new. But I prepare well before to make sure I know little about them if possible, prepare some talking points, current affairs, trends, and so on. I cannot stay long in social gatherings, most of the time I just want to run away to home.

Learning is a never-ending process as quoted by Bruce Lee. I like to keep myself busy, update myself on technology, spend time on a few of my hobbies or try to learn something new. Blogging was one of my passion, as I like to express my thoughts by writing. After starting my blog is been so nice, want to pursue it further to keep myself busy. It helps me to express myself, learn, communicate and even socialize virtually with many like-minded people.

I still have to overcome my social skills and improve. At the same time, I enjoy my time alone staying isolated, and focusing on doing what I like. Writing and expressing my thoughts via blogging has been a great experience, and I love to spend more time writing.

Let me know if you are an extrovert or introvert. Join the club if you are an introvert and let us connect to share our thoughts.

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