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Voice, how do I sound?

Voice, does it matter how you sound? Sometimes. Does it say anything about your personality? No, the voice doesn’t have anything to do with our personality. Voice delivers our thoughts and words. So, sometimes better voice has a huge impact on what we are trying to convey. I have a high-pitched voice and I have been teased all my life for having a feminine voice. I am over it, but it does take effort to make a point in front of new people, express myself or have a mark.

People like low-pitched voices in men than high-pitch, they feel it is more masculine and strong. Low pitch voices indeed sound strong and masculine. The most calming voice of all time, Morgan Freeman, everyone loves his voice, we just get so involved and follow whatever he says, that is the power of voice. Voice of Darth Vader, James Earl Jones has made so much impact on that character, cannot imagine any other sound out of Darth Vader.

Our voice has an impact on the audience listening to us, it can be one or many. It is important to have a good appealing voice to convey your message effectively. Understand that content has more priority and value, but the way we deliver it makes it more effective.

Here are some tips to improve high-pitched voice. Make it commanding and strong.

Understand your voice, know what it sounds like, listen to your recordings. Until I heard my recording, I didn’t realize my voice is so different outside than what I heard in my head. So understanding how others hear you is important.

The way we breathe impacts our voice, breathe from your diaphragm. Make sure to practice breathing exercises, it helps to produce a strong and clear voice.

Read aloud, read books with different emotional pitches, especially children’s books, read them to your kids. Changing your voice based on characters and emotions in books helps your vocal cords.

Listen to great speeches from exceptional speakers, you can learn body language, voice modulations, pace, pitch, and pausing. Learning when to pause while speaking is really important, it emphasizes the content and gets the audience’s attention.

We have so many motivational speakers, listening to their speeches will help a lot to understand how to modulate our voice and how to use pitch, pace, and tone more effectively. Tony Robbins has a strong and rough voice yet so effective, Julian Treasure so calm and perfect and if you remember Steve Jobs famous Stanford commencement speech, it was so inspirational storytelling, content along with how Jobs delivered it made a difference.

Tips to prepare for public speech or group talk

Body Langauge speaks a lot when talking in public or among a group, so it is important to have body language that optimizes your voice or speech. Practice in front of a mirror, use your hands and expressions to optimize your speech, and practice pausing, pace, and the pitch of your speech.

Know your audience and prepare talking points according to them. Add some humor, emotion to your speech to keep them attentive. Prepare some visual aids if possible.

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