Venmo Survey Scam Alert

Beware of new scam on Venmo users, where users are receiving text messages claiming that they can win upto $100 gift card upon completing a quick survey. Below is the text I received, so far I have received 3 text messages from 3 days.

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You can easily see the URL for survey is fake just by looking at the name which raises red flag. If you click that link they will ask for plenty of personal questions and steal your data to sell it in dark market or use it illegally. Please be caution before opening these kind of messages/links and don’t get tempted for free money. Scammers target curious users looking for free money.

Venmo has been a great tool to split and share payments among students, coworkers, friends and any one. Even some small businesses are using Venmo as payment service. So let’s help them by reporting this kind of scams to FTC (Federal Trade Commission).

Report fraud and scam here.

Please add any other scams or fake messages you encounter in comments, so users can be cautious. Thanks.

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