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Social Media, a powerful marketing platform.

Social Media is the most powerful tool currently to promote and market something. A low-cost way to promote and market, also fastest and effective.

Sometimes it just takes one content to go viral and boost your presence. But usually it takes time to build your social media presence and make an effective influence.

After renaming my site to topicsmany, I created Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest specific to my site to promote my blog. I am actively posting about my blog, quotes, and other applicable posts to gain attention. It has been going ok and readers are noticing and my blog is gaining traffic. But it is a long way to go.

Available Platforms

Instagram is more of a visual medium, photos, gifs, and videos are used to promote. More can be expressed using graphics than text. Instagram Stories can be made interactive and make users take action like polls, sliders, click a link, and so on. 

Read more on How To Generate More Views On Instagram. a useful and detailed blog post from fellow blogger New Lune.

Twitter conveys textual content more effectively. Users can interact with comments and retweets on Twitter.

Pinterest is more of an infomercial tool, it is like a digital magazine or flyer. It is similar to creating a digital magazine ad for your content.

Youtube is more useful if you can promote your content as a short video or have something to promote like DIY, How to’s, or recipes

Facebook is another platform which I have not yet explored much as I believe that it is more helpful for business marketing than for content writers.

Designing Tools

Social media content has to be catchy and should create a bit of curiosity for readers to visit our site and read more. Having some kind of designer tool helps to create our promotion content more effectively. I design my content using Canva. It is an easy and very helpful tool to create all kinds of social media content.

Engaging users is the main goal for me or any content creator. I am still learning and experimenting to create marketing content in such a way that users feel that curiosity and eagerness to visit the site and explore more. Also, posting quotes to bring that positive vibes helps to be associated with the account and triggers readers to check the content frequently. A quote can bring that vibe to be positive and work more effectively.


Hashtags are created for each specific group of the user community. Promoting content with the related hashtags will reach the appropriate group. Along with generic writing and blogging groups you can also use content-specific hashtags so the content reaches a wide range of users.

Social media is like a digital society, right? we have different community groups with specific interests, professionals, readers, and so on. Like in any normal society sharing is important. It gives exposure to many new things and facts. We should share our content with others and also share others’ content so it reaches many readers. Share the posts, stories, retweets, express your feedback, encourage and support each other.


Social media is the best tool available to promote and share our content. It is an effective and low-cost tool. The number of followers should not be the goal. The goal should be to engage the readers and create that curiosity to read more. Focus on how users and readers are reacting to our content, make it interactive, and get feedback. Make sure to share others’ content. Let us make use of this powerful tool to the full capacity and thrive individually and help others to thrive.

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