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iPhone 13 Pro available now. Is this the iPhone to upgrade?

iPhone 13 Pro in Sierra Blue box packing

Apple announced iPhone 13 family of phones on September 14, and are available now for purchase. There is iPhone 13 which comes in two models iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13. iPhone 13 Pro is the best Pro model so far in iPhone as per Apple comes in two models as well iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max. I am going to review iPhone 13 Pro model today, with the best and regular enhancements compared to previous models.


  • Better Performance with A15 Bionic
  • 120Hz Refresh Rate
  • Battery Life
  • Cinematic Mode

Design and Battery

iPhone 13 Pro follows the same design as iPhone 12 Pro with minor changes in thickness and camera bumps to accommodate more battery and better camera. So, you cannot reuse iPhone 12 pro case with these changes. Also, there is about 20% reduction in TrueDepth notch providing little more viewing area. Glossy Stainless Steel edges, matte finish glass in the back and Ceramic Shield front glass makes it to look elegant and with new color Sierra Blue, it is more beautiful phone.

Adding more battery to increase battery life made iPhone 13 Prod little heavier and also a but thicker in size. As per Apple we will see about 1.5hrs more battery life than 12 Pro, which is a better trade off for making it heavier.

iPhone 13 Pro elegant design in Sierra Blue.


Major upgrade in iPhone 13 Pro is 120Hz refresh rate (Refresh Rate refers to how many times per second the display is able to draw new image, so you can see more clear details). This improvement makes iPhone to provide clarity and visual delight in games, videos and also as you scroll through image heavy content. This has been there in competitive Android phones from long time and Apple just introduced it, with iOS being so smooth and clean to navigate, it did not make much difference so far, but this change will definitely make difference for gamers and creative users who use images and videos extensively.

ProMotion, which was introduced in iPad Pro in 2017 is bought to iPhone 13 Pro. It improves display quality by automatically adjusting the display refresh rate to match the movement of the content. And it also uses less power so less battery usage which is an add on. ProMotion will be difficult to notice in regular usage, but it is a boost to users who play games, creative users who heavily use videos, images and animations.

iPhone 13 Pro Display
iPhone 13 Pro Display, you can notice the reduction in TrueDepth notch.


Cameras in iPhone have been always a changing factor in all models, they add new feature and/or upgrade the equipment. Apple claims iPhone 13 Pro cameras are the best in an iPhone so far, and I believe it is true based on the quality and clarity of the photos taken either day or night, or low-light.

Photo is so clarity even in bright light
Bright light photos look so detailed and clear with improved sensors.
And the same clarity and details in low-daylight photos.

There is quiet improvement when capturing photos in low-light conditions, up to 2.2x improvement compared to iPhone 12 Pro. Sensor-shift optical image stabilization (OIS) — unique to iPhone, stabilizing the sensor instead of the lens, so images are smooth and video is steady, even when the user is not. Night mode is now available in both Pro and Pro Max models which captures every detail, every color in photo with perfect lighting and clarity.

Cinematic Mode is the new feature introduced in 13 Pro, where the focus shifts as the camera identifies new object or people. We can also change the focus after the video is taken in Cinematic Mode, which is a cool feature to edit and optimize your own video.

You can see how we can select different object to change focus in edit after video is taken in cinematic mode.

Other Enhancements

Improved A15 bionic chip which increases the performance and enhances the ProMotion technology implemented in this model, also handles the camera changes and capturing every detail so that it can optimized further using other tools. No change in CPU but GPU increased from 4 to 5 cores compared to 12 Pro, makes it more efficient for games, videos and creative users. A new 16-core Neural Engine capable of 15.8 trillion operations per second enables even faster machine learning computations for third-party app experiences, as well as features like Live Text in Camera with iOS 15. With iOS 15, iPhone 13 Pro for sure looks a better version than previous models and the best so far.


Upgrade from iPhone 12 Pro to 13 Pro doesn’t bring much enhancements or use other than cinematic mode and little longer battery life. iPhone 12 Pro users can upgrade purely based on personal preference to have latest iPhone or if they want to get Sierra Blue color :). iPhone 13 Pro will be a better option to upgrade if you have an older version considering the longer battery life, display, 120Hz refresh rate, camera updates and many more.

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