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Much to learn you still have my old padawan. This is just the beginning.

– Yoda

It has been three months since I started blogging, still trying to get up to speed to keep my blogging passion moving on. Primary skills to keep it going are content writing, promoting, and earning some passive income. As I learn and implement these skills, I see there is so much more to learn.

Writing, marketing, or monetizing, each one could be a professional skill by itself. And I am just using a few drops of it to maintain the blog site. As I read, learn and practice these skills, I see there is a lot more use by mastering them. There are so many options and so much to do. I want to share my thoughts on how learning and becoming proficient in these skills will empower us to do more.

Content Writing

Writing Blog, Content Writing

Effectively expressing our thoughts is critical in blogging. Readers will connect to well-written and well-articulated content.

Learning to write as an expert enriches the content. Every content requires a different style of writing. Some are simple and precise, others may be detailed and expressive. Mastering to write requires more practice and more writing.

We can learn a lot by reading other blogs, books, and even short stories. Once you become a skilled writer, more options open up. Storytelling, creating web or ad content, being a copywriter, and so on.

Writing skills show how good is our content, but sometimes adding color to it using images will enrich it more. Learning more about designing content using images and colors is a great experience.


Marketing, SEO, Social Media

Reaching out to more readers, increasing traffic to the site is every blogger’s goal. Even if you have a niche or exceptional content, little marketing is required to reach readers.

As everyone knows SEO is one of the processes to increase traffic. To make it more search engine friendly, we will learn about keywords that are more frequently used on the internet.

Understanding readers’ interests and trending topics encourage us to write more. Encourage us to explore new interesting topics.

Social Media is another major tool to promote our blog, and the options are unlimited. Instagram posts, Youtube videos, Pinterest cards, Twitter tweets and so on. Our creative talent will be sharpened as we learn and start creating content to promote our blog.

Learning about tools to create banners, videos, or posts to promote on social media is a creative experience. I like to design something which expresses more with fewer words.


Affiliate Marketing, Monetization

Learning about making money is always exciting. Earning some passive income is always good. Many ways to monetize ads, paid content, affiliate marketing, subscriptions, and so on.

If you are a shopaholic learning about affiliate marketing will be a great way to put in your shopping experience to get the best of it.

Once you have mastered content writing, you can create paid content or subscriptions to access your special content, or to showcase your storytelling skills either by short stories or short novels.

Social Media expertise will open up opportunities to monetize on those platforms too which is more passive income and more income is always good.

I know it is not going to be a quick turnaround. It takes time, effort, and practice to achieve perfection. As my journey continues I hope to learn more and get the best out of it. Pursue to write best articles and attract more readers.

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